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The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition (DSCC) challenges governments to protect the ocean from top to bottom in the wake of the new COP15 Biodiversity Framework, by calling for a stop to deep-sea mining and a ban on bottom trawling on global seamounts.

The new biodiversity framework demands vital action to halt biodiversity loss and restore ecosystems, and commits governments to protect at least 30% of Earth’s surface, including the global ocean, by 2030. To ensure we preserve the systems that sustain us, the DSCC joins calls for the remaining 70% to be effectively managed to prevent biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation. This would mean that destructive activities – including deep-sea mining and bottom trawl fishing on seamounts and vulnerable marine ecosystems – would not be allowed. Target 15 of the new biodiversity framework adopted today also calls for nature disclosures for businesses, ensuring that companies disclose risks, dependencies and impacts on biodiversity.

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