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The Fossil of the Day Award is a daily award given during the annual UNFCCC COP to those countries who “are the best at being the worst and doing the most to do the least”. Countries are nominated by Climate Action Network (CAN) International and the award is determined by a CAN Members’ vote. On December 6th, CAN selected Norway to receive second place for their role in deep sea mining. Read their press statement here.

image of fossil of the day award 2023
Norway, one of the “best at being the worst and at doing the most to do the least”.

In response to this, The DSCC issued a statement: “This award to Norway reveals the fallacy that deep-sea mining is any kind of solution for our planet. Protecting the deep sea, keeping it intact and functioning, is one of the most important things we can do to help avert the climate crisis. The deep ocean is a vital, natural climate solution given its role in carbon sequestration and storage. Norway must abandon its plans to mine and instead join the growing group of champion governments calling for a halt to deep-sea mining.”

DSCC Director Sian Owen speaks on Norway’s decision to proceed with deep-sea mining at COP28 in Dubai.