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Is it Game Over for the Residents of The Deep?

There is treasure beyond imagination in the ocean depths: life forms, unique systems, and structures vital to sustaining Earth and the people on it. But buried within are monetary riches too – minerals that can be sold to industry. Companies want to extract them for profit, but they can’t be removed painlessly. The price would be the destruction of the deep. We have a choice to make about what we value more.

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Deep-sea mining is about to invade the deep, potentially wiping out life. One octopus stands between the deep ocean and armageddon.

Help the residents of the deep defend their home. Play GAME OVER and discover the enormous risks involved in deep sea mining.

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Follow the adventures of Dumbo and her friends in Deep Trouble

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Deep Trouble

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The deep sea is vital to our climate systems. It helps drive the global currents that keep temperatures and weather regulated and stores carbon that might otherwise contribute to global heating.

But embedded into deep-sea ecosystems are minerals that prospectors are keen to extract. Many mining companies are exploring potential deep-sea sites using advanced robotics. The effect of mining on the deep ocean and its unique creatures is likely to be devastating.

Governments, Parliamentarians, scientists, communities, civil society and companies are all calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining to allow time to gather more scientific information on deep-sea ecosystems and the impacts of mining. Support for a moratorium is growing, but mining companies and their backers are fighting back hard. That’s why we need your help!