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Reacting to the conclusion of a High Seas Treaty this morning, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition said: This historic Treaty will enable the protection of biodiversity on the High Seas including the deep ocean. It marks a turning point which we hope is the start of a new era when humanity prioritises the health of the ocean and not just what we can extract from it.

Sofia Tsenikli of the DSCC said; “Time is not on our side, and while the Treaty comes into force, it’s imperative that States take all actions necessary to protect the ocean, including the fragile ecosystems and biodiversity of the deep sea. As an immediate action, we call on all States to join the growing momentum in support of  a moratorium, precautionary pause or a ban on deep-sea mining, and we urge the few flag States still allowing their vessels to bottom trawl on seamounts to agree to phase out the practice in ABNJ.”

The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, and its over 100 member organisations are committed bringing the Treaty to life to safeguard the health of the ocean now and for generations to come.


For further information please contact

Patricia Roy (EU) +34 696 905 907

Sofia Tsenikli +30 6948941052