Bangladesh – Key Statements

Date: 14 July 2023

March 2024


  • Acknowledges the significance of the regional environmental management plans as the crucial area based management tools for marine environmental protection and conservation.


  • Bangladesh advocated for a robust framework within the environmental compensation fund that ensures equitable compensation for all forms of environmental damage, including those affecting deep-sea ecosystems. 
  • The delegation noted that the fund framework should cover compensation for unintended environmental damages from activities in the Area, particularly those damaging fragile ecosystems.


  • Bangladesh believes that addressing environmental externalities in deep-sea mining operations is crucial for sustainable development.


  • Bangladesh stated that the most pressing challenge we face is the need to understand deep-sea biodiversity. 
  • “Knowledge is limited and much work to be done to ensure conservation and sustainable management.”

November 2023


  • Bangladesh expressed that EIAs are instrumental and a template will guide us and will give an equal field for contractors by providing them a framework
  • “As we know from BBNJ, we should look into that, as other states have said. The document here has the specific challenge of addressing the Area, but we should look at BBNJ as it may aid us in working on this”


  • “Underwater cultural heritage is testimony to the rich history of civilizations and the need to preserve it for future generations.” Bangladesh expressed support to Micronesia for exemplary international example in facilitating this group, and look forward to further collaboration.
  • Draft regulation 49 – “we would like to recommend that ‘harmful effects’ should be retained. And ‘serious harm’ omitted.”
  • “Marine litter and underwater noise should be retained in the definition since underwater noise is pollution – sound pollution. Likely that seismic activities will disturb marine life.”

July 2023


  • The delegation stated that the common heritage of humankind is a harbor of vast biodiversity and treasures playing a crucial role in climate stability and regulation and cannot be underestimated
  • Bangladesh stated that they are strongly against approving a plan of work without rules and regulations in place.


  • As it has not been possible to conclude negotiations on rules, regulations and procedures for deep-sea mining within the 2 year rule, Bangladesh asked how can a plan of work can be approved without having these regulations in place, and raised that it would be quite a risk to do so. 
  • Strong and robust regulations are a must. 
  • Bangladesh stated that the simple science actually tells us we must act wisely in ensuring the health and biodiversity of the ocean. Any future mining activity must ensure the health of the sea, biodiversity and the risks are understood. 
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