Cook Islands – Key statements

Date: 10 November 2022

March 2024


  • The Cook Islands supports the precautionary principle and robust regulations before exploitation can begin.

July 2023


  • Cook Islands states that The ISA plays a critical ocean governance role and in putting in place the regulatory frameworks and processes that ensure the effective protection of the marine environment, “before any decisions on the exploitation of seabed minerals can occur.”


  • The Cook Islands stated that “In line with the precautionary principle, we all agree on the need to put in place a robust regulatory framework based on scientific evidence before decisions on the exploitation of seabed minerals can occur.”
  • The Cook Islands commented that: “It is with deep concern that we note that some of the statements made appear to predict the decision of the Council- this undermines UNCLOS.”

March 2023


  • Agreed that more information is required before any decision can be made as to whether deep-sea mining can occur and stated various moratorium proposals don’t provide means to achieve that end. They have different meaning attached to them – calls often unclear as to which activities will be affected.


  •  We do not believe that the moratorium proposals are a way forward. They are often unclear as to what will be effected, explored or exploited.
  • The Cook Islands views that exploration activities should be allowed to continue.

October/November 2022


  • Disappointed by France’s position on a complete ban on deep-sea mining and questioned France’s continued role in the ISA as a council member and their expression contracts. 
  • The Cook Islands remains committed to working collectively and constructively on finalizing the draft expiration regulations with robust environmental standards in line with a firm and responsible precautionary approach. 

July/August 2022


  • Acknowledged the lack or presence of other PSID sponsoring State and note that all perspectives should be presented, asking that that their request be taken into consideration.
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