Cuba – Key statements

Date: 4 November 2022

March 2024


  • Cuba emphasized the importance of protecting the common heritage of humankind and the need to preserve the ocean for future generations. 
  • The delegation noted there are a number of areas that require further progress regarding the development of a mining code.


  • Cuba believes that test mining should be carried with the appropriate technology and should allow for the assessment of impacts on the marine environment.


  • Cuba, like Costa Rica, the African Group and others, agrees that there should be sufficient funds in the environmental compensation fund before exploitation activities begin.


  • The delegation believes there should be an autonomous and independent compliance committee.


  • The delegation expressed that assessing and including environmental externalities, such the impact on marine ecosystems, is crucial for sustainability.

July 2023


  • Cuba stated “we are moving from the phase of exploration to exploitation”
  • The delegation also stated that countries should not be under undue pressure to complete rules and regulations and must have clarity on the consequences and impacts of deep-sea mining in the Area


  • Extraction mining equipment must be appropriate to the purpose involved, must be efficient in economic terms, and it must be ensured that harmful effects that may be caused to the marine environment are limited.

October/November 2022


  • Cuba called for caution stating that we cannot allow mistakes to be made that will fall on the shoulders of future generations. 
  • The delegation called for transparency in harnessing and protecting the general environment as a whole stating that we cannot move forward until there is a robust framework in place for this in place. We need to guarantee equitable sharing of common heritage of humankind for all, in particular developing countries.

July/August 2022


  • Thanked the delegation of Chile for the proposal with regard to continuing to hold discussions on 2 year rule. They also stated “We need to continue the negotiations of the exploitation regulations.”
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