Denmark – Key Statements

Date: 1 May 2023

March 2024


  • Denmark believes that both the ISA and OSPAR should cooperate.


  • Denmark stressed the importance of Indigenous peoples rights’ and the use of traditional knowledge with free, prior and informed consent.


  • On DR18 Denmark expresses that it’s important to their delegation that it’s possible to terminate an exploration contracts in case of certain breaches of obligations when it comes to the preservation and protection for the environment.
  • Denmark supports the establishment of a compensation fund and should only be used as a last resort after all possibilities have been exhausted. 
  • The delegation noted that the fund should cover any and all environmental damages including harm to the Area, to the marine environment and to coastal states.


  • Highlights the importance of ensuring that the plan of work effectively protects the marine environment.


  • Denmark supports the creation for robust rules that ensure the transparency and independence of a compliance committee.
  • Denmark believes the matter of safety for lives at sea is under the competence of the International Maritime Organization and furthermore, that vessels in the high seas are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the flag state, including adjudicatory jurisdiction by the flag state’s competent courts.


  • Denmark announced their support for a precautionary pause on deep-seabed mining. 
  • “In our view, the exploitation of deep seabed minerals should not take place before the ISA has adopted a robust set of rules, regulations and guidelines for deep seabed mining, which ensures adequate environmental protection and also sufficient scientific understanding of the negative impacts and effects and protection of the marine environment from any harmful effects on deep seabed mining activities. And so that we can make informed decisions on this.”
  • Denmark strongly supports observers participating in discussions and wants transparency.
  • Denmark support the views of Portugal on the consolidated text – “things have been removed and changed without indication.”

November 2023


  • The delegation supports transparency and participation of observers and civil society and remain committed to working to create a framework based on sound principles


  • Denmark supports polluter pays principle in DR 44 alt 1 (e)
  • “Agree with others about indigenous knowledge – needs to be in 1 c or a standalone provision, as well as free, prior and informed consent”
  • The delegation agrees with transparency requirements and timely release of data through the ISA website
  • “Monitoring program should not be limited to the first 5-7 years of exploitation activities, but should cover the whole period”
  • Like Ireland, Denmark supports that some data can be submitted immediately and other data may need to be further developed.


  • The delegation had a brief comment on intangible underwater cultural heritage – Denmark supports focussed work on this and streamlining throughout the regulations on rights of Indigenous Peoples and their free, prior and informed consent.
  • Draft regulation 50: Denmark noted that the vague qualifier to only register discharges were possible. “Prudent to register immediately or at least weekly.”


  • Art 96: Denmark does not support ‘serious harm’, prefers ‘harm’ when it comes to suspending exploitation activities.
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