Fiji – Key statements

Date: 4 November 2022

March 2024


  • The delegation noted that the presence of deep-sea minerals in their EEZ have generated discussions around how Fiji can benefit from deep-sea minerals without adversely impacting our vulnerable status.


  • Fiji supports an environmental compensation fund and for it to be used in instances of unforeseen environmental damages and when the contractor and the sponsoring state are not liable. 
  • Fiji noted that under a moratorium, the environmental compensation fund could be used to make compensation payments to sponsoring states or states who have deep-sea minerals in their EEZs.


  • Fiji believes that a compliance committee needs to be independent, regardless of where it sits within the Authority. 
  • Fiji does not support peaceful protest that infringes on rights of others or put others at risk. 
  • Fiji raised concerns about the Authority’s ability to protect the rights of sponsoring states.

July 2023


  • Fiji states “it is heartening to know that the 2024 draft strategic plan recognises the need for the rules, regulations and procedures to be developed and adopted as a matter of priority to prevent, reduce and control pollution and other hazards in the marine environment.” and “We support the strategic plan and we’ll support its implementation.”
  • Fiji stated that they are committed to continuing the elaboration of the mining code in a transparent and inclusive manner. 
  • Fiji stated that marine scientific research remains a key priority for the delegation.


  • Fiji commented on the request by the Council for the LTC to disclose the names of the contractors who were non-compliant, stating “This was decided in the 27th session. The Council requested the commission to name contractors in non compliance in the commission’s report to Council. Note, two contractors were in breach of non-compliance in submitting their periodic reports out of time, but were not named as requested. Fiji would like to stress that with the progress in the work for the draft regulations, it is important that all stakeholders deliver on their obligations in compliance to the regulatory provisions in their contract”. 
  • Fiji noted two things to consider in the development of criteria for identifying non-compliant contractors:
    • Missing of deadline. 
    • Failure to adequately address issues of concern. 
  • Fiji noted that failing to meet deadlines is a clear metric and consider that Council should be notified without delay of contractors who do not submit on time. 
  • Fiji raised a concern that the LTC noted that subcontractors have not taken into account commission comments from prior report reviews.

March 2023


  • Our position is for a precautionary approach to ensure that balance is obtained before the commercialisation of DSM resources. 
  • Simply put: the precautionary approach is balance. We must emphasize protection of marine biodiversity throughout the text.


  • Fiji Questioned the financial model presented, and how it incorporates fair distribution to the parties involved in the contract


  • Stated that they are committed to the Alliance of small island states and want to move we caution and understand our ocean better.
  • “We cannot stress enough the importance of having relevant safeguards and control in place before any consideration for deep-sea mining”.

October/November 2022


  • Fiji called for an extension of the July deadline for working groups to complete their work.
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