Ghana – Key statements

Date: 22 July 2022

March 2024


  • Ghana states “We believe obtaining a seabed mining exploration permit involves a rigorous application process where applicants must demonstrate their ability to conduct activities in a manner that is responsible, environmentally sound and beneficial to mankind. as a whole. We believe compliance with established legal and regulatory framework is crucial for the sustainable management of oceans mineral resources. In that regard, we are okay if the brackets are opened in paragraph seven.”


  • Ghana seeks clarity on how to handle protests that hinders the Council’s work. 

July 2023


  • Ghana called for a formal agenda to be adopted formal agenda before discussions take place at future meetings


  • Ghana noted several outstanding issues missing from the mining code,  “including financial aspects of a contract, an independent compliance mechanism, agreement on rates of royalty, equitable benefits sharing and the establishment of environmental thresholds.”
  • The African group also stated that they “remain concerned about the persistent under-representation of African experts in the senior management and overall staffing of the secretariat. We therefore repeat or call to the Secretary General, to take steps to remedy the imbalance with a view to ensuring an equitable geographic representation at the level of the secretariat.”
  • Ghana reiterated the call of the African Group for more African delegates in the Secretariat, especially in the senior management level. There are plenty of appropriate people. 

July/August 2022


  • Stated that coastal states consultation should “extend to any adjacent coastal states.”
  • Called for the inclusion of a “no mining” scenario.


  • Took note of “increasing financial burden brought onto participants especially from developing countries to participate in ISA sessions particularly under this roadmap.”
  • They also stated that they were “also challenged by time constraints regarding distribution of reports and would have preferred more time.”
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