Korea – Key statements

Date: 10 November 2022

March 2024


  • Korea states that “as a country deeply committed to environmental protection. Korea suggests that we cannot achieve this primary goal better by improving our current environmental impact assessment process, rather than creating it as a separate procedure. With that in mind, we propose including in situ tests, as one of the methodologies for conducting EIA by using the data and information from the in situ test in the process of EIA.” 


  • Korea stated that “The Authority should be guided to ensure optimum revenues for the Authority from commercial production”

November 2023


  • The delegation expressed that the council shall have a discussion of intangible cultural heritage as contractors will need guidance from professionals. “This needs to be developed in further way and guidance needed on how to develop constructively.”

July 2023


  • The Republic of Korea stated that “We support the Council to continue its effort to develop the exploitation code and also we support the consolidated text is already as soon as possible.”

March 2023


  • Korea stated that they share many points of view expressed in France’s paper but believe that commencement of commercial mining shall be addressed in accordance with UNCLOS
  • Korea called for the rules and regulations be finalised ASAP, stating that this is the best way to guarantee environmental protection and benefit sharing


  • Stated that this session is very important to finalize regulations. We will continue to support the completion the regulations and will do our best effort to finalize the regs. We think this is the best way to protect the marine environment.

July/August 2022


  • Frustrated to hear of repeated violations of obligations by contractors. 
  • Want those contractors who have ignored calls by the Council to be named.

October/November 2022


  • Shared concerns regarding other rules of international law and that rules and regulations should not create an internal obligation to comply with other rules we do not know.
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