Monaco – Key Statements

Date: 14 July 2023

JULY 2023


  • Monaco declares that it will “clearly and explicitly oppose any mining plan in the current state of scientific knowledge, which is particularly insufficient. It reiterates that no work plan should be carried out without a regulatory framework that takes into account reliable irrefutable scientific data and ensures effective protection of the marine environment as a whole. “


  • Monaco supports the inclusion of agenda item establishing a general policy by the Assembly related to the consultation of the marine environment under the two year rule, proposed by Chile, Costa Rica, France, Palau, and Vanuatu. Monaco states the Assembly should be able to debate all matters that are important to the various Member States. 


  • Monaco raised the need to ensure the Area benefits from environmental impact studies that are irrefutable in nature. The data from those studies needs to be made available. 


  • Monaco holds it is still not appropriate to approve a plan of work without first ensuring regulations to ensure optimum protection of the Area.
  • The Seabed is in the preamble to the Convention and indeed the operative part of the 1982 convention devotes the longest part, XI. 
  • Reiterated Monaco’s firm position to take the necessary time to develop the framework, acceptable to all States. Only science can lead us to achieving this vital goal for the climate and all of humanity.
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