Date: 11 November 2022

July 2023


  • Panama expressed its support for the Chilean observations and request the rest of the representations present here to seriously consider the content of what was expressed by delegations of Chile and Brazil based on fundamental procedure rules.

March 2023


  •  Panama needs clear rules, broadly debated, based on science, with a clear vision which is compatible with the responsibility to future generations.  We consider that a cautionary moratorium both in national and international waters is the right approach. This is based fundamentally on two arguments.
    • 1. There is not enough independent scientific info as to the dynamic of marine environment
    • 2. There is not a solid and robust legal framework for the sustainable development of deep-sea mining

October/November 2022


  • Panama reaffirmed their position that they will not support mining without sufficient scientific information. 
  • Support Costa Rica and the need for an independent scientific research programme. 


  • Panama reiterated that given the lack of scientific information for us to take decisions based on evidence, there is a need to implement a precautionary pause with regard to starting mining.


  • Echoed concerns stated by The Ocean Foundation on what would occur if one transferee assumes more responsibilities.


  • Panama highlighted that it’s very important that when it comes to discovery of new species, there’s full transparency so that the scientific community can avail of that.


  • Panama stated that they “will not support any systems that puts the protection of the marine environment on a second level. We need to take decisions based on science and a very clear vision on our intergenerational responsibility.”
  • The delegation added that “Panama support Costa Rica’s proposal to establish a precautionary pause and to wait until everything is completely clear before progressing with exploitation activities.”

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