Poland – Key Statements

Date: 10 November 2022

March 2023


  • The delegation believes that mining activities can be carried out only after robust rule, regulations, and procedures are in place.
  • Poland noted the need to be mindful of the non-discrimination of contractors and protection of the marine environment


  • The delegation stated that they were: “Fully aware that humankind puts its hope in the rules regulations and procedures that we are working on – they should be the best possible – robust, precautionary.”
  • Poland stated that they were in favor of cooperative conversations to achieve meaningful progress towards the ISA’s mandate 


  • “We must make all effort to develop all regulations within deadlines.”
  • The delegation noted that must continue our work on the standards, regulations, and guidelines and until we have a robust framework.


  • Poland reiterated commitment to work on the regulations. The delegation also highlighted the need for the equitable sharing of benefits, in accordance with UNCLOS.

October/November 2022


  • Stated that they “Do not understand a complete ban in the Area.” 
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