Seychelles – Key statements

Date: 1 November 2022

July 2023


  • Seychelles stated that they believe  the path forward must take into consideration  the results of scientific research, a robust understanding of the multi-faceted dimensions and impacts of potential deep seabed mining activities on the world at large, including its economic impacts on developing countries and those of small island developing states. 
  • The delegation stated that they trust that the Authority will maintain a balanced approach that considers both economic aspirations and ecological preservation, in the continued delivery of its mandate. “The past few days at the Assembly has indicated undoubtedly that we are still at a very preliminary stage in both action and discussions around deep-sea mining. Therefore, it is crucial that we approach this matter with a united commitment to foster robust environmental impact assessments and sustainable practices, backed by scientific evidence and careful calculation.”
  • The delegation continued: “As we navigate the complexities of deep sea mining, it is crucial to recognize and address the unique vulnerabilities faced by small island developing states, such as Seychelles. Our nations, often blessed with abundant marine resources, are also extremely susceptible to the adverse impacts of climate change and environmental degradation. These disproportionate impacts compared to our relatively very low contribution to climate change, entices us to make clear the difference between “equality” and “equity” – when considering the common heritage of humankind.”
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