Sierra Leone – Key Statements

Date: 27 June 2023

November 2023


  • Sierra Leone seeks a self standing compliance committee under the Council to be responsible for overall compliance, not one with in the LTC. “It is not viable, it is inconsistent with independence, impartiality and effectiveness on the one hand.”
  • Sierra Leone questions the technical expertise of LTC for a compliance committee
  • “The Compliance committee must be independent and respectful of due process, consistent with Costa Rica and Brasil comments and others.”

July 2023


  • Sierra Leone raised its concerns on underrepresentation of African groups at various levels of Secretariat, particularly at the senior management level.
  • Sierra Leone states that commercial exploitation of mineral resources in the Area should not be carried out in the absence of rules, regulations and procedures relating to exploitation, and reaffirms its commitment to the adoption of the said rules, regulations and procedures.
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