South Africa – Key statements

Date: 11 November 2022

March 2023


  • South Africa stated its strong support for a comprehensive set of rules, regulations, and procedures for exploitation, including provisions for the effective protection of the marine environment from serious harm that may be caused by such activities.


  • Stated: “We remain concerned as to how the environmental compensation fund would finance compensation for an environmental disaster that occurred in the early years of mining”

October/November 2022


  • The delegation agreed with Costa Rica on changes to the ISA’s roadmap


  • On contractors compensating for the loss of common heritage of mankind, South Africa stated that – “You can’t just mine take away the minerals which are common heritage of mankind, and expect that we will allow you to just pay 2% And then off you go.”


  • It is about time that all of these organs of the Council, e.g. the Enterprise and EPC, to be operationalised.

July/August 2022


  • On the two year rule and referring the matter to ITLOS: “The stakes are very high compared to the stakes in 2011. So the question now is, why are we hesitant if we are in referring this matter to ITLOS for an advisory opinion, when the stakes are high, whereas when the stakes were not as high as this high in 2011, we managed to do that and we did receive a good advisory opinion.”
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