The Philippines – Key Statements

Date: 1 September 2023

March 2024


  • The Philippines emphasized the need for comprehensive environmental impact assessments for the management of the marine environment. They stressed the importance of baseline assessments and natural capital accounting to provide a thorough stocktaking of resources, ecosystems and trophic interactions. 
  • The delegation noted that rehabilitation measures in closure plans should include baseline data.

November 2023


  • The Philippines noted the fundamental obligations of states to protect & preserve the marine environment and that states have specific obligations to take measures necessary to preserve rare ecosystems and threatened species.
  • The delegation also highlighted the recent adoption of the BBNJ agreement which is intended to ensure sustainable use of biological diversity.
  • “DSM impacts are not yet fully known, more research is needed.”
  • The Philippines urges states to ensure that regulations promote full compliance by states of their obligation to protect & preserve the marine environment within UNCLOS, 1994 Agreement, and emerging international law.
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