Uganda – Key statements

Date: 26 March 2023

March 2024


  • Uganda believes it’s very important that we make use of what is available in the oceans for consumption, and by virtue of that we have to use it sustainably so that the generations that come after us are able to also have sustenance.
  • Uganda believes that some stakeholders are attempting to stall movement and stated that if the ISA does not take advantage of the resources of the seabed, then we have no business being here at all.


  • Uganda noted that EIAs should not be used as a sort of veto to prevent others from benefiting from the common heritage of humankind. 
  • The delegation stated that in our negotiations, some stakeholders stand in way of progress by calling for consensus or more scientific information


  • Uganda requested the President of the Council to identify delegation proposals within the working text, particularly using tracked changes so States can follow who has submitted what.
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