Zimbabwe – Key Statements

Date: 27 June 2023

March 2024


  • Zimbabwe recognises capacities differ in many countries, and that we may need to extend control to countries where companies have majority shareholders.
  • Zimbabwe supports a mixed approach to effective control that will combine both regulatory control and effective control.


  • The delegation noted that informal-informal discussions will help narrow down differences
  • Zimbabwe called for transparency to reach a consensus

July 2023


  • Zimbabwe highlighted their concern of the closing of the session without a formal agenda. “This means this meeting would not have taken place and we would not have done anything.”


  • Zimbabwe stated that it associates with the position echoed by several delegations that exploitation of the resource in the Area must not commence before requisite regulations are in place that take into account the scientific and environmental considerations.
  • They also noted the number of the very critical outstanding issues which have to be brought to finality before mining is carried out.
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