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Today, the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, together with the High Seas Alliance,  Natural Resources Defense Council, and Oceans North, is excited to share the launch of Blue Horizons, a new online series including an article produced for us by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions. 

The series explores how the ocean – from the coast to the deep waters of the high seas – is intrinsically connected with each and every one of our lives. It draws together oceanic experiences from around the globe, unveiling the awe-inspiring mystery and importance of ocean ecosystems that cover over 70% of our planet and give us life. 

Stretching far into the coldest climes of north Norway, the series of human-led stories takes us on a range of journeys, from meeting a ship’s first female captain traveling across the North Sea and a wild swimmer who braves the rugged coasts of Ireland, to the women of Mozambique who sing as they watch over the precious mangroves. Last but not least, it immerses us thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface to explore the mysteries of its deep dark depths and meet the weird and wonderful creatures that inhabit them. 

Check out the trailer here and explore the full series, including a feature about the wonders of the deep and its vast variety of life.