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The DSCC works to ensure the continued health and productivity of deep-sea habitats and species.

Our top priority is the urgent closure of all vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) of the deep sea to any form of exploitation. We currently focus on three areas of work:

Securing the protection of 100% of seamounts and other deep-sea VMEs from destructive fishing

How is the DSCC supporting this? 

  • By holding states to account and ensuring they meet their United Nations (UN) commitments to VME protection.
  • By helping to align regional fishing management organization (RFMO) conservation measures on VME protection and to deliver those commitments.

Protecting the ocean floor from destruction by deep-sea mining

How is the DSCC supporting this?

  • By calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining.
  • By raising awareness of the need to reform the International Seabed Authority.

Strengthening international commitments and ocean governance

How is the DSCC supporting this? 

  • By participating in negotiations at the UN and other bodies to ensure deep-sea protection is prioritized in international agreements and targets.
  • By working to encourage the effective implementation of the High Seas Treaty, UN resolutions on bottom fishing, and deep ocean-related elements of the Global Biodiversity Framework, the Paris Agreement on climate change, and other international commitments.
  • By encouraging norm building based on global policy agreements, rights and obligations.

The DSCC is able to support these solutions thanks to our unique ability to:

  • Convene and network a global coalition of deep-sea experts, organizations and champions.
  • Present a credible “honest broker” voice underpinned by science and social license across multiple platforms.
  • Champion transparency and information-sharing; augment constituency, corporate and financial sector pressure on governments to make the right decisions for a healthy ocean.
  • Build visibility of deep-sea challenges by reaching large numbers of key stakeholders and the public through communications and campaigns.


Everyone has a role to play in protecting our amazing deep sea. Click here to find out how you can take action.