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A growing wave of voices are speaking out against the looming specter of deep-sea mining.

Some are demanding an outright ban, while others are calling for a moratorium unless and until a set of conditions around preventing environmental damage, ensuring good governance, and securing social license can be met.

The threat of deep-sea mining is imminent: it could be greenlighted by the International Seabed Authority in a matter of months. But there remains a window of opportunity for governments to prevent this crisis. The good news is that we still have the chance to stop this destructive industry before it starts!

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Momentum against deep-sea mining is becoming more forceful every day. So far, 25 countries have announced their support for a moratorium, a precautionary pause, or a ban on deep-sea mining, along with parliamentarians around the world, Indigenous and civil society groups, major companies, financial institutions, and over 750 science and policy experts from more than 44 countries.

The DSCC supports all these calls as we share the common aim of stopping the launch of a high-risk new extractive industry that threatens to cause irreparable damage to the ocean. With every new voice the momentum for a moratorium grows stronger.
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